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Case Results

Through our comprehensive knowledge of law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, The Weinrieb Law Firm continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Below are a few examples of recent Weinrieb Law Firm case results.


Client, a U.S. Marine Combat Veteran, was falsely accused of raping the mother of his child. The woman completely fabricated this story during a child custody dispute. Mr. Weinrieb was hired before formal rape charges were filed in order to prevent the District Attorney from proceeding. Numerous witnesses were interviewed, all confirming the client’s story that no rape or any other improper sexual contact occurred. These findings were presented to the police and the District Attorney’s Office. As a result of this work no charges were filed and the client can return to his life as a caring father and high level government contractor.


CASE DISMISSED-Van Nuys Courthouse. Client on active military duty in Iraq was charged with disorderly conduct when he returned home to visit his family. Mr. Weinrieb worked the prosecutor and explained how any criminal conviction could greatly harm his client’s successful military career. The prosecutor made the correct decision and decided to dismiss this case.


Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with battery in the Santa Clarita Courthouse. Following a hearing with the District Attorney's Office, all charges against the client were DISMISSED and the client now has absolutely no criminal record.


So here's the thing... In 2012, life hit me hard, started drinking a lot, and I got a DUI. I got a lawyer, he pushed back my case for 10 months which ultimately ran into my 2nd DUI. Fired that guy, got another lawyer and he did something weird with the courts and didn't send me my paperwork on time. I missed my sign-up dates for my DUI Program, got a warrant for both cases in 2 different cities. I spent the next 2 years hating life and living with warrants. Finally got another lawyer (lawyer #3), he dropped both warrants but didn't tell the courts about each other. I enrolled in a 18mo Program thinking I was satisfying both courts. Now here I am with 2 months left in my program, come to find out I have a $30,000 warrant because one court thinks I never signed up for a program. Fed up and stressing like crazy I just wasted 17mo, thinking the courts were gonna make me re-do the program or possibly send me to JAIL, I frantically searched for someone who knows what the hell they're doing. I went online searched and searched like I've done in the past but this time I came across Garret. Man if only I knew him 4 years ago. I talked to Garret for the first time and he was 'real' and spoke to me like a friend and with confidence. I laid out my situation and he told me can't promise anything (which is understandable) but he said he'll take care of it. I got Garret the info he needed and he and his associates went to bat for me and dropped the $30k warrant and the court put me on the same terms as the other court. So now I'm good to go! Because of Garret and his firm, I get to start 2017 off nice and new and I get to put my past 2 mistakes FINALLY behind me! DON'T LOOK ANY FUTHER, hire Garret, for real! I wasted so many years, borrowed so much money, and lost too many people in my life because of bogus lawyers. Garret and his team are legit! I have him on speed dial, (JUST IN CASE). Thanks again Garret!...


My stress and anxiety were through the roof with my DUI case. After searching through and reaching out to a plethora of lawyers online, Mr. Garret Weinrieb was the FIRST to respond and addressed my inquiries thoughouly and diligently. I came into his office and immediately felt at ease speaking with him and hired him to handle my case. Best choice I could have made. Garret was always accessible through text, call, or email. Answered all my questions and handled my situation superbly. I paid for PEACE OF MIND with Garret on my side. I would full heartedly recommend him to anyone who needs an honest lawyer. Thank you, Garret.


CASE DISMISSED. Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with drug trafficking. Following pre-filing negotiations with the prosecution, all charges against the client were DISMISSED.


CASE DISMISSED. Mr. Weinrieb's 18 year old client, a college student, was charged with petty theft/commercial burglary. Mr. Weinrieb arranged a settlement deal with the District Attorney where the case was dismissed upon the client's completion of community service. The client was NOT required to enter a plea prior to the dismissal of the case.


CASE DISMISSED. Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with Felony Grand Theft. After the preliminary hearing the judge reduced the charge to a misdemeanor theft due to the lack of prosecution evidence. At the next hearing the case was fully dismissed with the client having absolutely no criminal record. (Criminal Courts Building, Downtown Los Angeles)


Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with felony assault with a knife causing great bodily injury. All charges were DISMISSED after Mr. Weinrieb and his investigator interviewed the alleged vicitms at the scene and discovered many inconsistencies and lies in their story of events. The District Attorney dismissed all charges against Mr. Weinrieb's client who now thankfully has no criminal history and can move forward with his life. (San Fernando Courthouse. )


DISMISSAL!! Mr. Weinrieb's client was charged with grand theft in 2003 BUT was never given notice of the charges by the District Attorney until 2015. Mr. Weinrieb filed a motion with the court to dismiss the charges because of the 12 year delay in prosecution. The Judge granted the motion and the charges against Mr. Weinrieb's client were fully dismissed based on a violation of her right to a speedy trial. (Glendale Courthouse)

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