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Client Testimonials

Through our comprehensive knowledge of law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, The Weinrieb Law Firm continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Below are a few examples of recent Weinrieb Law Firm testimonials.


For 3 years I had a warrant hanging over my head since 2014. I have been a resident all my life to another state. I was told by my public defender that i had to go back to CA in order to get the warrant resolved. Which is about a 2000.00 flight for me. So due to finances, i have been unable to afford the trip so I have had the warrant for the last 3 years. Finally, in 2018, I was able to get the money to get out there. With the 3 years gone by I lost my public defender. I researched criminal defense lawyers and called Garret. I immediately knew he was the guy to take my case. He was also about 3000.00 dollars cheaper than the other attorney I called before him. Long story short, Garret was able to get my warrant dropped. Probation terminated. Felony dropped to a misdemeanor and ALL charges expunged. And I did NOT have to take the flight. Garret is definitely a miracle worker. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a honest and straight up attorney who will fight for you and work until the job is done. He has been a blessing in my life and I can't even thank him enough.


(December 2017, Santa Clarita Court) Garret was able to get a charge for drinking in public dismissed by simply attending AA classes. It was vital to have this dropped as I was in the process of obtaining a government position. While mine was a minor case, I would recommend his services. He was upfront and honest about the whole process without making any false promises. He clearly outlined all the possible outcomes and what he would do to get the case dismissed.


(Van Nuys Court) After being accused of a serious crime and not knowing what to do or where to go I started contacting several criminal defense attorneys and luckily got to meet with Garret Weinrieb. Unlike previous attorneys I met with he actually took the time to ease my concerns and explained the whole process and what to expect. He was available anytime I had any questions or concerns regarding my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.


In March of 2017 I was cited for operating a marijuana collective without a license. Although, I thought I had all the necessary documents to operate, the City of Los Angeles felt I was in the wrong and was looking to make my life difficult. I was not only cited for operating an illegal business, but I had 4 counts against me and small list of other charges. Long story short, I contacted Garret and he was able to not only put me at ease, but keep all his promises. I found Garret to be honest, insightful, and extremely trustworthy. On my final court date this attorney was able to get me a plea that included no jail time, a crazy low fine and no community service. AND also, NO record. I was extremely impressed and very grateful. One other thing I found to be even more validating was when my lawyer entered the room he was liked and greeted by everyone. People respected him, including the district attorney. In my opinion that can go along way when your freedom is on the line. He presents well, thinks outside the box and gets results. I seriously could not have had a better lawyer at my trial.


I had the privilege of hiring Garret to handle my case. We had discussed and planned our approach. I have been anxious to get updates and reports since my situation is complicated. He was prompt, patient and encouraging when he answers my questions either by text, email or calls. Going through the process could have been scarier without him. Im thankful that he was there and we had a positive results overall. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.


Garret was wholeheartedly recommended to us by a family friend who had been represented by him. From the first meeting we had with Garret, we were impressed by his professionalism and expertise, approachable demeanor, impeccable style, and charismatic personality. Over the span of several months, it was always easy to communicate with Garret, as he would promptly respond to our emails or texts. He represented our son on 2 different cases where he had a felony charge for each (which we truly felt did not merit felony charges). Words can never be enough to express the gratitude and relief we continue to experience after all of Garret's diligence in our son's 2 cases. One felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and the other felony charge was dismissed! It would definitely not have been possible to attain these results on our own, and for that, we are completely grateful to have had Garret as our son's lawyer. We completely recommend Garret to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer who will work thoroughly on a case to provide the best results for his clients. Garret proved to be an incomparable choice! We feel we can breathe more easily now in hopes for a better future for our son, without the stigma of felonies on his record.


This is my go to go if anyone I know ever gets a dui for alcohol or drug's. He took care of my case swiftly, was punctual and compassion also competitive pricing helped me in hiring. Garrett was great all around and I have no regrets whatsoever in hiring him. Thanks Garrett!!


Garret was amazing from the very beginning once I acquired for more information on the case by phone. He listened to my DUI for Drugs case and let me know he would be able to help. When I came into his office I saw how confident Garret was and knew he would be able to help be because of his intelligence on DUI's, passion to help others, and determination to get the problem solved. When I had question's he always followed up in a timely manner and made a major situation into something minor. If you're looking for a lawyer that will put all his time into making sure that the result leaves you satisfied call Garret. Thanks for keeping it real!


FELONY CASE DISMISSED. Client was charged with assault with a knife. The prosecutor wanted a sentence of 2 years in prison. Mr. Weinrieb rejected the prosecutor’s offer and pushed the case to preliminary hearing. At the preliminary hearing the prosecutor announced that they were unable to proceed with the prosecution. If the client had accepted the prosecutor’s offer he would have spent 2 years away from his family and loved ones. Now he has his life back.


Garret was very professional and very honest with any questions I had regarding my case. He was very detailed and made me feel like a friend instead of just a client. I would recommend Garret to anybody.

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