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The Weinrieb Law Firm is a leading Los Angeles criminal defense firm providing the very highest level of legal representation to individuals charged with all misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Any criminal case is a serious matter. Far too many criminal attorneys rush through cases, jeopardizing their clients' freedom and future. We are different. We thoroughly investigate our cases, interview witnesses, examine the evidence, file motions and challenge the police and prosecutors. This is how we get the results that other attorneys do not.

Please review our testimonials and case results. These are real clients, real cases and real results demonstrating the vigorous representation that you need and we provide. We look forward to helping you too.

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We represent clients against all types of misdemeanor and felony charges including, but not limited to, the following:

  • PC = Penal Code
  • H&S = Health & Safety
  • VC = Vehicle Code

White Collar Crimes

The Criminal Process

The criminal process can be confusing and intimidating for many people. The attorneys at the Weinrieb Law Firm believe it is our responsibility to not only provide excellent legal representation to our clients, but to help our clients understand the legal process and steps ahead so each client can best participate in making informed decisions about their representation and strategy. An important part of this understanding is familiarity with the three different categories of criminal violations, the legal process that applies to each category, and the potential consequences that may result.




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Client Testimonials

Through our comprehensive knowledge of law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, The Weinrieb Law Firm continues to achieve excellent results for our clients.

Garret was able to get a charge for drinking in public dismissed by simply attending AA classes. He was upfront and honest about the whole process without making any false promises.

December 2017

Santa Clarita Court

Garret helped me with an expungement for my husband. Not only was he incredibly helpful every step of the way, but he got the job done in amazing time and with fantastic results. I highly recommend this attorney for anyone who is overwhelmed by the choice out there.

October 2017

Van Nuys Court

Garret was very professional and very honest with any questions I had regarding my case. He was very detailed and made me feel like a friend instead of just a client. I would recommend Garret to anybody.

April 2017


I had the privilege of hiring Garret to handle my case. We had discussed and planned our approach. Going through the process could have been scarier without him. I'm thankful that he was there and we had a positive results overall.

August 2017


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