Throughout our lives there are some things that will be traumatic and quite possibly done on accident, which we have no control over. In particular, being arrested can be a big headache and, aside from avoiding the issue in the first place (if at all possible), there are a few [...]

In 1994, California enacted its “Three Strikes” law. This law significantly changed the sentencing structure in convictions for defendants who had previously been convicted of certain felonies. What is a strike? A “strike” is essentially a conviction for a felony that is considered “serious” or “violent” under California statutes. Examples [...]

What are Miranda Rights? This article discusses some important aspects of a person’s Miranda Rights, — what Miranda Rights are, when Miranda Rights apply, when Miranda Rights do not apply, and the limits on how police and prosecutors can use a person’s statement made in violation of their Miranda Rights. [...]

A defendant’s right to a speedy trial is guaranteed by the United States and California Constitutions. A “speedy” trial means that a person has the right to go to trial within a reasonable time after being arrested and charged with a crime. What is a “reasonable time”? In California, “reasonable [...]

When someone is charged with a crime they can enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Often, a guilty or no contest plea is entered as a result of a plea agreement – a deal reached with the prosecutor where the defendant gives up their right to [...]

On Wednesday, August 11, 2010, police officers were searching for suspects involved in an officer shooting in South Los Angeles. Officers were responding to a call when someone fired at them. While none of the officers was seriously injured, if criminal charges are filed, the criminal complaint will almost certainly [...]

While Northern California is typically thought to be the “pot capital” of California, Southern California has become a leading spot for growing marijuana. In the Angeles National Forest, above the city of Glendora (about 20 minutes east of Downtown Los Angeles), the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has noted that 1000 [...]

In Sacramento, California a police officer — Brandon Mullock — is being investigated regarding his conduct, and last Friday at least 79 individuals were informed that the DUI they received from him will be thrown out due to officer error. It is believed that Officer Mullock falsified at least one [...]

“Snooki” from MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore, plead guilty to disturbing beachgoers during an incident in July on a New Jersey beach. Snooki, who was under the influence of alcohol, stumbled about beach, used profanity and disturbed other beachgoers. A judge sentenced Snooki to perform two days of community service [...]