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Client Testimonials

Through our comprehensive knowledge of law, extensive case preparation and individualized representation, The Weinrieb Law Firm continues to achieve excellent results for our clients. Below are a few examples of recent Weinrieb Law Firm testimonials.


(November 2019, Van Nuys Courthouse) I came to Garret Weinrieb afraid and stressed out about my case. I was worried but after a session with him and having him listen to my case and hearing me out. He was about to provide the best possible outcome for me. He is extremely well known in the courts and he actually will fight for you. Anytime I contacted him, he was ready to listen and answer any questions I had about my case. Choosing a lawyer is a difficult process and your future depends on it however if you choose Mr. Weinrieb as your lawyer then know for a fact that you will definitely get the best man for the job. One with experience, talent, and a special hungry for a successful case. I will always recommend Mr. Weinrieb for anyone who comes to me for help.


(September 2019) Garret is THE MAN. I definitely felt like I was in good hands from our first meeting. He was very responsive and kept me updated every set up the way.



(September 2019) Garret Weinrieb is an outstanding attorney. He truly cares about his clients. He brought hope to my family at the time when our options were limited and the outcome of our situation seemed impossible. Not only did he go above and beyond for my family, but his knowledgeable, calm, & empathic demeanor made me feel at ease during an extremely hard time. Garret fought for us, he got my husband the help needed instead of serving a two year sentence. My family & I are eternally grateful for his service. I highly recommend Garrett.



(August 2019) Great lawyer. Very upfront and knowledgeable of the law. Got my case completely dismissed. I really appreciated his help and support.



(June 2019, Van Nuys Courthouse) Long story short I would not be where I am today if not for Garret. The amount of time I saved allowed me to keep my job and function as a normal member of society even after the hearings. He simplified the process and made the experience something to appreciate due to the complexity and over-complications of everything involved with a DUI. He was well known in the courts as well which helped to lower the penalties. In the end, I have 3 months of offense classes, 2 days of community service, a low three figure fine, and 13 AA classes with the ability to expunge in three years. You don’t want to know how bad it was going to be. No jail, no job loss, no hastle. Thank you for your work and time Mr. Weinrieb.


Over the course of my more than 16 years as a Superior Court judicial officer, I have been asked to review numerous attorneys and law firms for social media posts. This is no doubt because the opinion of judges and commissioners is the clearest measure of the effectiveness of a lawyer on behalf of his or her client. As such, unless I know the lawyer well, from numerous interactions, and can confidently represent that they are exceptional, I have declined to write a positive review.

Bob Schwartz, in contrast to most, deserves my highest praise. I have known him for over 20 years, first when I was a senior trial attorney and supervisor with the Public Defender’s Office, and then as a Commissioner, in both a Civil Court, and primarily a Misdemeanor and Felony Court.

Bob has appeared before me in the West District, Airport Courthouse (which encompasses such cities as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, West Hollywood, Westwood and parts of the South Bay) on countless misdemeanor and felony cases, including a civil trial, Preliminary Hearings, and motions to dismiss cases and charges based on 4th Amendment grounds, lack of Speedy Trial and Due Process considerations, to name a few. I have reviewed, considered and ruled on numerous written motions and oral arguments that have without exception been well researched, thoughtful and persuasive.

Although he has not always prevailed, he has on more than one occasion convinced me to dismiss a felony, reduce a felony to a misdemeanor or terminate probation early. He has also prevailed upon me or the prosecution to dismiss a count, or an entire case in the interests of justice; to set aside a conviction or withdraw a guilty plea entered by another attorney; and to expunge a criminal conviction. He has also secured very generous dispositions, including diversions, reductions and little or no jail sentences even on serious felonies.

These favorable outcomes were not as a result of luck or good breaks, but the product of hard work, thorough research and decades of experience. Bob also has a unique ability to humanize his clients in ways that can persuade prosecutors and judges to look beyond his client’s particular conduct on a given occasion and see him or her in a broader and often more favorable light.

As a bench officer, I often talk with my colleagues in formal and informal settings, and have come to learn that my impressions of Mr. Schwartz are shared by all the other judges at Airport Court, and the same is true for my colleagues who preside in the Courthouse Downtown, as well as in Van Nuys, Compton and the South Bay Courthouses.

In March 2019, after 38 years in the criminal justice system, I retired from the bench. I have been decompressing these past few months and reflecting on my career and my future goals and aspirations.

Bob and his partner Garret Weinrieb have asked me to affiliate with then as a consultant and to be “Of Counsel” to their firm. Other lawyers have also approached me with that request, but I have declined. I am inclined to accept this role for them because I am proud to put my name and reputation alongside this exceptional firm.


With Garret you get someone who knows the law and makes you feel confident in his services. No case too small, he will work hard for you and get you the best deal. Explain what is happening along the way so you always feel informed and understanding of the process.


Great attorney. Always picks up when i call and if i have questions. Will make you feel that everything will be ok. And In the end, it did. Always professional and looks like he’s always ready to go to court and fight for you. Highly recommended. Don’t look anywhere else if you are in a jam. He will take care of you.


If you want someone who’s honest and fair with you, you should hire Garret Weinrieb. He’s the best person to have on your side when you’re in trouble. The determination he shows when working on his cases is incredible, he makes sure to always keep his clients updated even if it’s the smallest detail. The work he puts in his cases shows how much he cares about his clients. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need, because he was there when I needed him. He made the whole process so smooth and easy. I was glad to have him on my side.


Garret Weinrieb is honestly a great attorney. He is honest, fair, and does what he says he is going to do. He never BS. his clients his straight on how things are going to be and can be done. Always with a great attitude and always returns calls and emails with all your questions and concerns in timely manner. I would strongly recommend Garret Weinrieb to represent you in a case. I found him scrolling down websites and my heart chose him with all the great reviews he has and took the risk and cant be more thankful and pleased. He has helped my husband all the way. He is a pro active, and Garret truly cares about his clients.

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